How do I go "Off the record" in AIM for Windows?

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How do I go "Off the record" in AIM for Windows?

Have a secret that you probably shouldn't share, but it's too good and you just can't help yourself? To go "off the record" and turn off message saving, follow the instructions below:

Note: For now, you'll have to manually select each conversation that you want off the record. 

1. Within an ongoing chat window, click the Additional Options drop-down menu and then select Go Off the Record.

2. When you are Off the Record, you can tell because your chat window will state that you are. Any messages exchanged while you are off the record will not be saved.

3. To return to chat as normal, click the Additional Options drop-down menu and then select Go On the Record.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does off the record work?

When you take a conversation off the record, that means it is not stored for you or for the person you are having a conversation with. 

If I go off the record with Person A, do I still need to go off the record when I initiate a conversation with Person B?

Yes, you have to choose to go off the record for each individual conversation you want to take off the record.

How long am I able to stay off the record?

Any conversation you take off the record will stay off the record for the duration of your conversation.  If you sign on, and sign off, the conversation will still be off the record until you choose to take it back on the record.

Does my conversation partner know when I go off the record?

When you chat with someone on the new AIM and go off the record, they'll receive a notification when the chat goes off the record, as well as when it goes back on the record.

Is there a way to globally set all of my conversations to off the record?

We’re planning to add the ability to have a global off the record setting, rather than just making it a chat-by-chat selection. But, it is not available at this time. Stay tuned!

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