What is message syncing in AIM for Windows?

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What is message syncing in AIM for Windows?

What is message syncing?

AIM for Windows logs and stores your conversation history (up to a month’s worth) whenever you chat with other people who are also using the latest version of AIM. This allows us to sync your messages across devices. If the other person you’re talking to is using an older version of AIM, or a third-party client, we only cache the conversation in the location you’re using it. Your conversation history with those people won’t be available if you switch to AIM desktop from AIM mobile, for example.

Are messages synced for Google and Facebook chat accounts, too?

No. They each work a little differently:

  • Google: Google saves the other person’s side of the conversation, so when you return to a chat with a Google contact, you may see the other person’s messages but not your own.
  • Facebook: No conversation history is synced.

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