How do I add stationery to my email in AOL Mail?

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How do I add stationery to my email in AOL Mail?

If your email wants some context, a background's there to use,
the Stationery button gives your message different views.
You have to not NEW WINDOW when you're doing your compose...
('Cause stationery's fickle -- only in your Mail it shows.)


• Do you click NEW WINDOW when you compose? If so, you won't see the Stationery button in the  toolbar on that brand-new browser page, because we do not yet feature a Stationery button in the new-window format. I know strange, huh? We're looking into it.

If you always see a new, separate browser window whenever you click EMAIL to compose a new message, that means you won't ever see the Stationery button. Boo! Time to change that setting:

1. In the upper-right corner of your mailbox, click Options, then click Settings.

2. In 'General Settings', in the 'Pop-up Windows' section, "Always write mail in a new window" should not be checked:

OK, you're all set. When you click EMAIL now to compose a new message, you will see the Stationery button on the far-right of the toolbar.

(Note: Stationery is not available in either the Basic or Accessible version of mail.)

Here's how to add stationery to your email:

1. Click EMAIL in the upper-left corner of your inbox to start a new message.

2. Above the large text box where you type your message, click the Stationery button.

3. In the right Stationery panel, click the Featured drop-down arrow and select a category.


4. Browse through the stationery and click the one that you'd like to use. Enjoy!

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