How do I search for events in my AOL Calendar?

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How do I search for events in my AOL Calendar?

The Calendar in AOL Mail has built in search features to help you find Events easily and quickly.

To Search for Events in your Calendar:

Note: The search feature searches for Events on your Calendar that are two months behind to six months ahead of today's date.

1. If you are using AOL Mail, in the left panel, click Calendar or load your Calendar at

2. In the upper left, in the Search Calendar box, type the name of the event that you're searching for, and then click the magnifying glass icon or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Search example using AOL Mail:

Search example in your AOL Calendar:

3. In the main reading pane, you'll see a list of search results matching what you entered in the "Search Calendar" box. Click the Event to see more details. Happy hunting!

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