What's new in AIM for Windows?

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What's new in AIM for Windows?

Never miss a message

When you're chatting with a friend who's also using the new AIM, your message history is stored and synced so you won't miss a thing -- no matter how you're accessing AIM (web, desktop, or mobile). You can always take conversations off the record if you'd like.

Party (or plan)

Chat with friends or collaborate with coworkers -- AIM gives you a simple and fun way to talk and share with the groups of people that matter most. To learn how to start a group chat, please see How do I start a group chat with the new AIM for Windows?

See it all in AIM

View photos, videos and tweets without leaving the conversation -- they'll automatically appear right within AIM. For more information on sharing photos, check out How do I share photos with the new AIM for Windows?

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Last updated: 04-25-2012
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