Cannot sign in to AOL Mail

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Cannot sign in to AOL Mail

Can't access AOL Mail? Do you get one of these alerts when you try to sign in:

  a) "We detected unusual activity," or

  b) "Your Username or Password is incorrect"?

If so, then first off, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To protect your account and get back in, you'll need to reset your password.

Go to to get it done. Typically this is quick and easy. But if you're unable to change your password (and you're in the U.S.), call 855-622-4946 for further instructions (Mon-Fri 8am-1am ET and Sat-Sun 8am-10pm ET).

If you're not seeing either of the alerts above when you attempt to sign in, it might be an issue with your browser. Here are two things to try.

Note: These expand when you click them:

    Solution #1: Set your browser's security setting to default
    Solution #2: Clear your browser’s cookies, cache, history and footprints

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Last updated: 06-25-2013
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