I don't receive the emails I sent to myself

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I don't receive the emails I sent to myself

There are a few reasons why you may not be getting email that you've sent to yourself.

It could be because:

One of your filters could be directing the email into a folder

If you've set up filters, the message you sent yourself might be going directly to a different folder than your Inbox. Here's how to check your filters:

1. In the upper right, under your Username, click Options, and then click Mail Settings.

2. In the left panel, click Filters and Alerts.


3. Do you see a filter that might be capturing the mail you’ve been looking for? If yes, move your pointer over the filter and then click the X button next to Edit.


You may be blocking your own email address

As strange as it might seem, you might be on your Blocked Addresses list. Mail from blocked senders doesn’t arrive or bounce—it's simply discarded. To check your Blocked Addresses list, read our help article How do I unblock an email address in AOL Mail?

There’s a delay in delivery

Messages are usually delivered within a few minutes. Very rarely, there is a delay while in transit. This is usually due to problems on the mail server, heavy internet traffic, or routing problems. Unfortunately, aside from waiting, there's no way to know whether a message has been delayed or whether it has been rendered undeliverable. If a sender can re-send it, have them do that.

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