How do I send a text from AOL Mail?

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How do I send a text from AOL Mail?

Here's how to send texts to friends and family members' mobile devices from AOL Mail.

If you prefer to see how to send a text message, here's a short video that shows you how to send a text message from your AOL Mail inbox.

First, here are the mobile service providers that we currently support:

Verizon AT&T
Sprint Google Voice
T-Mobile Boost (1-way messaging only)
Virgin Mobile US Cellular
Alltel Cricket Wireless
nTelos Wireless Centennial Cellular
Immix Wireless Cellular One
Appalachian Wireless Bluegrass Cellular
COM TMI Wireless GCI/Alaska DigiTel
Illinois Valley Inland Cellular
Nex-Tech United Wireless
West Central Metro PCS*

*Metro PCS: Messaging is only supported on select Metro PCS plans. If you use Metro PCS and you run into issues sending or receiving messages via AOL, please contact Metro PCS for more information.

Also, texting is currently only available to U.S. mobile numbers (no international numbers and no landlines).

OK, here goes:

1. In the upper left, click the Compose Text button (the cell phone icon).

2. In the "New Text" Window that appears in the lower right, enter the mobile number (including area code) that you'd like to text. Type all 10 digits together -- no spaces, hyphens, parentheses or any other marks are necessary.


3. Type your text in the message field and hit enter on your keyboard.

That’s it! You'll get replies to your text messages in the lower right corner of your AOL Mail window.

Note: Sending and receiving text messages in AOL Mail is free, but charges may apply for the person you're texting -- depending on his/her plan.

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