What is the Spam Folder in AOL Mail?

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What is the Spam Folder in AOL Mail?

The Spam folder, located in the left panel, contains email messages that you have marked as spam.


Things to know about your Spam Folder:

  • This folder can hold a maximum of 250 emails.
  • Emails deleted from the Spam folder are permanently deleted from the AOL mail servers.
  • The Spam folder will also be visible for the Teen and Kids Only accounts, depending on the Parental Controls settings for those accounts.
  • Email messages in this folder are automatically deleted after five days.
  • Sometimes, non-spam items can be marked as spam so it's a good idea to check it periodically to see if any important emails accidentally made their way to the Spam folder.
  • To empty the Spam folder, move your pointer over the Spam folder and click the Empty link on the right.

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Last updated: 09-04-2012
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