What is a master Username?

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What is a master Username?

The master Username you create when you first register for an AOL account is considered the primary master Username. The primary master Username has the power to designate up to six General Usernames as Designated Master Usernames. In total, you can have seven Master Usernames (including your primary Username) under your AOL account.

Note: The primary Master Username will always have the Master Username status (this name can’t be changed, so make it a good one!), but you can remove the Designated Master Username status from any other Username at any time. Also, only the primary Master Username has the ability to delete the AOL account.

All master Usernames can:

  • Change the account's billing method and price plan
  • Purchase products using the account's payment method on file with AOL
  • Change the Parental Controls settings for other Usernames on the account
  • Create, delete and restore any Username on the account, except the primary master Username
  • Change passwords for other Usernames on the account

With the introduction of General Usernames, they too can become a Designated Master. While General Usernames will not have the ability to use card on file of any other Username tied to the account, if the Username is General, promoted to Designated Master then demoted to General again, the user will be required to enter a new payment method if they attempt to purchase a second subscription.

Change an existing Username to a designated master Username

1. Go to Parental Controls.

2. Sign on using your email address or master Username or Email and Password.

3. Click the Username you want to designate as a designated master Username.

4. Select the General option.

5. Select Master (only Master accounts can view and edit parental controls).

5. Click Save.

Create a new Username as a designated master Username

1. Go to My Account and sign in with your master Username or Email and Password.

2. Enter your Account Security Question and click Continue.

3. Under Username Options, click Manage My Usernames.

4. Under Add a Username, fill in the New Username text box with your desired Username and click Add.

5. Select General as the Age Category, click the box beside Master Username and then click Continue.

6. Enter a password in the New Password text box and again in the Confirm Password text box and then click Continue.

Note: Your password must be different from your old password (if you had one) and must be 6-16 characters long.

7. Select an Account Security Question from the drop-down menu, enter Your Answer to the question in the text box and then Re-Type Your Answer in the next text box. Then click Continue.

Voila! You now have all the perks and benefits of a master Username.

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