How do I search for an email in AOL Mail?

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How do I search for an email in AOL Mail?

Trouble finding a certain email? The search feature in AOL Mail is a great way to quickly and easily find a particular message.

To search for an email in AOL Mail:

1. In the Search Mail box, located to the left above your mail folders, type a name, email address, or keyword that is included in the email that you're looking for, and then click the magnifying glass icon (or hit Enter on your keyboard.)


2. In the main reading pane, a list of search results will appear. If you see the email you're looking for, click it to open it.

3. Or, to filter the search results even more, above the list of search results, click the Narrow Results drop-down menu to separate the results By Folder, By Sender, or By Message Type. Happy hunting!

If you're having issues with the Search function in AOL Mail, we want to know about it!

Please click the Need help? Email us button below, and write us the details of what you're experiencing. We'd like to know how you are searching (by sender? subject? words in a message? parts of words?), and what kind of results you are getting vs. what you're expecting to see. We appreciate the feedback.

Thank you!

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Last updated: 09-04-2012
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