Reactivation of Cancelled AOL Accounts

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Reactivation of Cancelled AOL Accounts

If you have an AOL account that has been cancelled, but would like to continue using AOL services such as AOL email, we would love for you to reactivate your free account.

In order to provide the best experience possible for our users, you will receive a Welcome Back screen the next time you attempt to log in with a cancelled AOL Username. Please follow the authentication process below.

Note: This process is for web users only.

1. Sign in to your AOL email account.

If signing in with a cancelled Username, you will receive the following message:


2. Select Next.

3. Verify your cancelled account information.

Note: Only the options available on your account will appear. Options may be your Billing, Account Security Question (ASQ), Mobile Number, Demographics or Alternate Email.


After a successful validation, you will be asked to create a new password.

If you are unsuccessful in validating your information, please contact AOL Customer Support Team for additional help.


4. Create a new password.


5. Once a password has been created, select Next.

6. Review and agree to the AOL Terms of Service.


7. Click Submit.

Congrats. You are now a part of the AOL family. Sign in and enjoy!



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