Installing PRIVATE WiFi™

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Installing PRIVATE WiFi™

To install PRIVATE WiFi™:

1. If you purchased PRIVATE WiFi on Lifestore, log in with the email address from which you purchased the product. Locate the Order Confirmation email that you received when you subscribed to PRIVATE WiFi and click the GET STARTED NOW button.

Alternatively, if you received PRIVATE WiFi as a benefit with your AOL Advantage Plan, visit, sign in with your Username or Email and Password, locate PRIVATE WiFi and click Download Now.

2. Click Run.

3. After reading the PRIVATE WiFi License Agreement and Terms of Service check the Confirmation check box and then click Next.

4. PRIVATE WiFi will begin installing.

5. To complete the installation process and begin running PRIVATE WiFi check the Run PRIVATE WiFi now check box and then click Finish.

6. PRIVATE WiFi will begin configuring.

7. Once PRIVATE WiFi has successfully connected you will receive a notification and see the PRIVATE WiFi icon in your system tray.

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