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Archived- Frequently asked questions about

There are many questions you may have about and its discontinuation, but no worries. Below you’ll find a collection of commonly asked questions that will help you during this process.

Why is shutting down?

It's never an easy decision to shut down a feature. In an effort to provide as much value to our members as possible, we're focusing our attention to more popular features, which means, occasionally, some less popular features may be discontinued.

When will be discontinued? will be discontinued on July 15, 2012.

Will I receive a notification email prior to the shutdown date?

Yes. Notification emails will be sent to all Emurse users beginning June 15, 2012.

Does AOL have a different resume tool or service I can use?

Yes. If you would like to use a similar tool to assist you in your job search, please visit AOL services or is a free service that lets you create a beautiful one-page website that’s all about you and your interests. Upload a photo, write a short bio and add your favorite social networks to show the world the big picture of you.

Huntsy is the new way to get organized and get employed by keeping track of the jobs you find, making sure you never miss a step or an opportunity. You provide Huntsy with potential job positions that interest you and Huntsy will provide you with a timeline of tasks that will help you manage your job hunt work flow from beginning to end.

How will I migrate the content I currently have on

To migrate the content you currently have on

1. Go to From this page you can log in using your existing Emure username and password.

Note: If you do not have an Emurse account, you can click on the sign up link next to the sign in button. 


2. To get the most out of your Huntsy experience, you have the option to install one of the two browser plugins or bookmarks.


3. If you were able to log in successfully, all of your user data should now be migrated from Emurse. To confirm this, click on the profile link at the top of the page. Please make sure all of your user data looks correct.  

IMPORTANT: Resumes and coverletters will not migrate. Only user data will migrate from Emurse. Please create your resumes and coverletters on Huntsy.


Congrats! You are ready to use Huntsy.

What happens if I don’t migrate my content before the shutdown date?

Unfortunately, if you have not saved or migrated your Emurse content, there will be no way to retrieve it. To prevent this from happening, please save and/or migrate your Emurse content before July 15, 2012.

What happens if I try to access after the shutdown date?

After the shutdown date, users attempting to access will be redirected to Here, you will be able to sign in to Huntsy using your Emurse username and password.

Note: If you do not have an Emurse username and password you will still be able to sign up for Huntsy. For instructions, please refer to the help article How to use Huntsy.

Where can I find more information about Emurse shutting down?

For more information, you may refer to the AOL help article is no longer available.


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