Connect through a network Firewall

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Connect through a network Firewall

In some institutional settings (businesses, universities, etc.), access to the Internet is protected and controlled by a SOCKS proxy firewall, using an authentication protocol.

Configure your Proxy Server settings

If you are unable to connect to the AOL service through your LAN connection, you may need to configure the SOCKS proxy settings on this screen. Contact your network administrator, who can provide you with the proxy server address, port and protocol, and may also provide you with a username and password needed to authenticate with the proxy server.

Note: This username and password is NOT the same as your AOL screen name and password.

To configure your proxy server settings:
1. On the Sign On screen, click the Connect Options button.
2. Click the Advanced Settings button.
3. Click the Broadband tab.
4. Click the Continue button to proceed.
5. Click Manual proxy configuration to select it.
6. In the TCP/IP and Proxy Configuration area of the window, enter your custom settings.
7. Click the Save button.

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