How do I download email attachments on AOL Desktop v10.1?

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How do I download email attachments on AOL Desktop v10.1?

When you receive a file attachment in email it will appear as a paperclip icon next to the subject line of your email, when you open it using the AOL Desktop v10.1 software. In order to see what is in the attached file, you need to download it. Remember, you never want to download a file from someone you don't know. It could infect your computer with a virus.

Download a file attached to email you received

When you receive an email with a file attached to it, you will need to download it to your computer in order to view it.

To download a file you received in email on AOL Desktop v10.1:

1. Launch the AOL Desktop v10.1 software, then click the Mail icon. Sign on if prompted.

2. Double-click the email that contains the attachment you would like to download.

3. In the upper left of the email pane, next toAttachment:, click the drop-down menu to open it, select the attachment, then click Save.

Note: If there is more than one file attached and you want to download all the files, click Save All....

4. In the Save window, navigate to the folder you want to save your email attachment in, then click theSave button.

5. The AOL Mail pop-up will show the download progress. When the file has finished downloading, on theFile Saved window, click the Open button.

Note: You can manage your mails using the unified Inbox folder or New and Old mail folder. To learn more, please visit the Online help article titled: How do I switch to the unified Inbox Mail?

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