How do I import my Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) to AOL Desktop v10.1?

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How do I import my Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) to AOL Desktop v10.1?

The Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) helps you store and organize your emails. You can save emails, one by one, to your PFC. Your PFC allows you to organize your emails into ready-made folders, or you can create your own folders for storing emails with different subjects. PFC also has a Search Mail feature to help you find saved emails when you cannot recall the sender or subject of the email.


  • The emails that you wish to import must be stored on the computer that has the AOL Desktop v10.1 software.
  • Before you start importing your stored emails, ensure that you have the last used version of the AOL software installed on your computer.
To import your stored emails into AOL Desktop v10.1


1. Start AOL Desktop v10.1.

2. On the AOL toolbar, click the Mail icon. If required, sign on with your AOL screen name and password.

3. On the Mail window, click the Settings menu, and then click Import AOL Filing Cabinet.

4. Click Continue.

5. Click OK.

6. Close all open windows.


  • Any emails that you save in the On My PC folder in AOL Desktop v10.1 will be accessible using AOL Desktop v10.1. However, the emails will be accessible only from the computer where you originally saved them.
  • If you save your emails in the On AOL folder, you will be able to access them from any computer that has AOL 9.0 or higher. Alternatively, you can access your emails by going to
  • You can manage your emails using the unified Inbox folder or the New and Old mail folder. To learn more, please visit the online help article How do I switch to the unified Inbox Mail?

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