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Use your mobile device to stay informed about the latest national or international news. With AOL mobile news, you can read stories on business, entertainment, sports, politics, health, and science. Each story is supported with images whenever available. The home page displays the main story of the day. Important national, world and business stories are displayed below the main page. Click a headline that interests you to read the complete story.

News Categories:

These are quick links to stories about the nation, politics, world, entertainment, sports, business, health, science and even weird news! You can access these links from any page.

  • Nation: This is where you can read about the latest happenings in the U.S.

  • Politics: Want to keep abreast of political scandals? This is the page for you!

  • World News: Navigate to World news to read about international events.

  • Entertainment: Catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip with Entertainment news.

  • Sports: Get the skinny on the latest sporting news here!

  • Business: AOL business news gives you the latest business stories from around the world. Read about how the stock markets are doing or about the latest business acquisitions.

  • Weird: Runaway monkeys on a jet airplane or a diet consisting of venomous snakes -- read about strange-but-true stories from around the world here.

  • Health: Learn how to maintain a healthy mind and body. Read about the latest medical breakthroughs with our informative health articles.

  • Science: Read about the latest inventions and discoveries in the world of science.

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