How do I send instant messages to mobile phones using AIM?

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How do I send instant messages to mobile phones using AIM?

With AIM 7 you can send instant messages to your buddies' mobile phones and keep in touch with them even when they're away from their PCs.

Here's how to send a text message to a buddy's mobile phone:

1. Double-click your buddy's name on the Buddy List window.

2. Click the mobile phone icon at the bottom left of the instant message (IM) window. A new IM window will open.

3. If you've stored your buddy's mobile phone number in your address book, the number should automatically pop up in the IM window. If not, simply key in the number.

4. Type a message to your buddy in the text box, and then tap the Enter key on your keyboard. Your buddy will receive your message shortly!


  • Each text message is limited to about 135 characters. The exact length of the text message depends on several parameters that are transferred with the text message, such as the number of characters in your Username.
  • Your buddies may be charged by their mobile service providers for every text message they receive and send. This charge is dependent upon the price plan of the mobile service providers.

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