What is Credit Forget It?

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What is Credit Forget It?

How often do you scrutinize every line of your credit card statement?

Everyone makes mistakes, but the ones made on your credit can haunt you for years. Credit Forget It is a service that corrects these errors and sends you on a path to achieve better credit.

A good credit score can get you the best interest rates when you purchase a car or get insurance, and even help get you that cushy new job. The key to getting this coveted score is to maximize your credit with what is currently appearing on your report and formulating a plan to raise the score. Credit Forget It offers confidential, one-on-one credit seminars and educational courses to do just that. The service’s professional consultants address each case of credit restoration individually, with customized letters and evaluations for each and every file on your credit report.

Credit Forget It consultants do more than simply provide you with a credit report – they review and analyze it with you to indentify errors. Then, with your approval, they correct your credit report on your behalf. Once it’s determined that your credit history is accurate, they create a personalized roadmap for your credit success.

Credit Forget It also offers informational material to help you recover from financial hardships and prevent them from happening. If you have no credit history, Credit Forget It can also help you establish credit while steering you clear of fraudulent credit scams and lenders.

With Credit Forget It:

  • You get a personal credit consultant who will review your credit report with you.
  • Your consultant will deal with credit reporting agencies so you don’t have to, saving you time and money.
  • You get a full service experience with a personalized plan to maintain your credit score.
  • You receive regular follow-ups through a Customer Management System to ensure you are on the right financial track.
  • You get access to the Credit Forget It Customer Knowledge System, which you can use to monitor your progress.
  • Your current credit report will be reviewed for possible identity theft. If there are any accounts that shouldn’t be there on your credit report, Credit Forget It will help you get rid of them.
  • You get instructions to help you correct any inaccurate information on your credit report.
  • You get information to help you fully understand your credit report and maintain it.

AOL offers a free consultation within the first seven days of your Credit Forget It subscription, after which you will be billed a monthly or yearly service fee. This fee is a significant discount from Credit Forget It’s normal annual fee, and is available to you if you subscribe to the service through Lifestore.


How do I contact a Credit Forget It consultant?

For credit help, contact a Credit Forget It consultant at 1-800-900-3766 or 1-800-678-6800.

How do I view my billing information and history?

Visit My Account and sign in with your master Username or Email and Password, then enter the answer to your Account Security Question and click Continue. Under Account Options, click View My Statements. Select the Billing Statement tab to view the billing history for your account.

If you have questions about your billing information, call us at 1-866-485-9217 Monday through Friday between 8AM to 1AM ET, and Saturday between 8AM and 10PM ET.

What is Lifestore?

Lifestore is a website that lets you browse, research and purchase AOL products. It also allows you to open and maintain an online account that helps you manage, add or cancel subscriptions to products. We may add, change or discontinue offers for products at any time. Check out the Lifestore Terms of Service for more information.

What is AOL Fulfillment Services?

AOL Fulfillment Services is a subsidiary of the AOL Family that handles all billing relationships with AOL’s third-party vendors. To find out more information, read About AOL Fulfillment Services.


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