Cannot sign into iTunes with an expired or cancelled AOL account

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Cannot sign into iTunes with an expired or cancelled AOL account

If you are signing into the iTunes Store with your AOL account, you may see the following message:


This message will appear if your account is expired or has been cancelled. To continue your purchases or iTunes experience, you will need to update your AOL account.

If you are unsure about the status of your account, you can check your status by signing into My Account. Under Service Options, click the Manage My Subscriptions link. A tab to the right, above your subscription information, will list the account as Active, Pending Cancellation, Past Due or Cancelled.

If your AOL account has expired, this simply means that you have outdated information on your account that is causing interruptions. To avoid future problems, be sure to keep your account up-to-date by making the necessary changes:

Address and Telephone Number: In case we need to contact you about your account, please ensure we have your current address and telephone number. To quickly notify us of any changes, go to My Account and click on Update My Contact Information located under Account Options.

Credit Card Information: You can prevent possible interruptions of your service by ensuring we have accurate billing information, including expiration date. Please update your credit card information at My Account and click on Manage My Wallet and Billing Info located under Account Options.

If your AOL account has been cancelled and you want to retrieve the account, check out the help article Can I reactivate my AOL account?

There you have it! Once all changes are made, you may now enjoy your iTunes experience using your AOL account.



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Last updated: 04-20-2012
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