AOL Instant Messenger - AOL 9.0 Optimized

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AOL Instant Messenger - AOL 9.0 Optimized

AOL 9.0 Optimized enhances AOL Instant Messenger even more than before. Please click an option below for more information on each feature:

Live IM Video

If you and your buddy are on AOL 9.0 Optimized SE, are using Windows XP, and you both have web video cameras, you can now talk to each other via a live streaming audio/video conversation.

1. Click on the video camera with green arrows icon found on the IM window.

2. Click Audio and Video Settings to adjust picture and sound quality.

If you don't have Windows XP, you can still use AOL Video Messenger to record and send video clips to your friends. If you don't have a web camera, AOL service provides a library of pre-recorded video clips that express a wide range of feelings and messages.

Grouped Instant Messaging

This is a great way to manage multiple instant message conversations simultaneously. Now each conversation will appear as a tab in a single interface. This makes it easy to find, open, and navigate open instant message conversations. Message waiting indicators let you know when you have received instant messages on tabs that aren't currently being viewed as an instant message window, and you can tear off an instant message from the group if you want to view it separately.

Radio Integration

This feature allows you to see what station your buddy is listening to on Radio@AOL and makes it easy to tune in and listen to the same station. An indicator showing the station name appears on the instant message window when your buddy is listening to Radio@AOL. Click on the Tune In link to launch radio and listen to the same station.

Buddy List Filter

Have a large Buddy List window and need some help in finding the specific AOL Username you are looking for? Filtering helps you limit who is shown on your Buddy List window by only showing the specific group that you select. You can also alphabetize your buddies and filter out those buddies who are idle or mobile.

Friendly Names

Replace the list of AOL Usernames on your Buddy List window with your friends' real names or you can even assign your own nicknames. If you have already entered their names in your AOL Address Book, AOL will reuse that information as their Friendly Name. Friendly names will be shown in quotation marks on your Buddy List so you can tell them apart from AOL Usernames.

1. Go to Buddy List and click on the Show drop-down menu.

2. Highlight Buddy List Settings and choose Friendly Names from the menu. Friendly Names will now be activated.

AOL Talk

This feature allows you to conduct real-time, one-to-one voice conversations with other AOL and AIM users via instant messaging using a PC microphone or an internet (USB) phone. For the best voice quality, AOL recommends the use of an AOL Talk phone.

Phone and Camera icons are displayed to the right of the AOL Usernames on your Buddy List window for a quick display of their capabilities. These icons will only show up if your buddy has the capability to make the best use of the features. The AOL Talk phone icon will show up if your buddy has the talk phone plugged in. The camera will show up if your buddy has a web camera installed. However, even if the icon isn't there, your buddy may be able to use AOL Talk or AOL Live Video Instant Messages.

IM Catcher Message Organizer

The IM Catcher Message Organizer helps you manage and control all of your incoming instant messages in one simple interface. In addition to helping you control unwanted messages by capturing instant messages from senders who may be unknown, the IM Catcher feature also captures incoming instant messages from people on your Buddy List window when your Away Message is on.

Instant Images

You can share digital pictures directly with friends and family through instant messaging by clicking on the camera icon on your instant message conversation window. Pictures from your computer or pictures that you have on AOL's You've Got Pictures Service are available for easy sharing.

File Transfers

You can share any number or any size of files without having to wait for them to upload and then download like mail attachments. You can share files by clicking on the file folder icon in the instant message conversation form, attaching the file directly to your instant message session and sending the file directly to your friend.

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