Safety & Security - AOL 9.0 SE

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Safety & Security - AOL 9.0 SE

AOL 9.0 SE has taken great strides to enhance your computer's security. Please click an option below for more information on each feature:

Email Antivirus Protection

This feature automatically scans every email attachment that you send or receive for known viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. This service is available at no extra charge to you and does not require you to upgrade or to download any software. AOL 9.0 does it all for you!

AOL Spyware Protection

AOL Spyware Protection is a product designed to help enhance your online safety by identifying and disabling possible hidden applications called Spyware. Spyware is commonly installed with popular shareware programs and these applications can be used for tracking a user's behavior on the web.

AOL Spyware Protection can automatically scan for possible spyware or adware software programs on your machine. Once found, it offers notification and gives you the ability to disable them. You will know when the scan is in progress via visual aid, and you will also see a results page. The result page gives you control to disable spyware, but also provide a Restore Feature so you can reactivate a software program if you need to at some point.

For detailed information or links on using AOL Spyware Protection, go to AOL Keyword: Spyware.


This new service provides built-in protection for both 9.0 Security Edition SE and LE by scanning your computer in the background for the most harmful spyware offenders whenever you sign on, and then every 15 minutes. When it finds trouble, it "blows the whistle," giving you the opportunity to apply the remedy. The SpyZapper feature makes sure your computer's performance is not impaired by these spyware programs and helps keep your connection to the Internet uninterrupted. For detailed information on using Spyware Protection, go to AOL Keyword:Spyware.

Web Popup Controls

You can enhance your browsing experience by controlling Web Popups, Animated Media, and AOL Special Offers (AOL Keyword: Pop-up Controls). In the Pop-Up Control Settings window, you will be given the option to set your controls for Web Popups, Animated Media, and AOL Special Offers.

Clear My Footprints

As you browse the web, information about your where you've been is stored on your computer. Clear My Footprints allows you to clear your browsing history in one place, letting you protect your privacy on a shared computer.

To clear your footprints:

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Browser Settings.

2. Select the Clear My Footprints tab.

3. Click the Clear My Footprints button to automatically clear your browsing history and cache or click Select Footprints to Clear to select your individual settings.

Parental Controls

AOL's Parental Controls help provide safer and higher quality online experiences by allowing you to set limits on what your children can see and do while online. There are four control categories: Kids Only (ages 12 & under), Young Teen (ages 13-15), Mature Teen (ages 16-17), and General (ages 18+). Each basic age category offers a different level of access to content and interactive features on AOL and to the rest of the internet. You can also control how much time your children spend online with the Online Timer and receive AOL Guardian reports that summarize your child's online activity. (AOL Keyword: Parental Controls)

McAfee Personal Firewall Express

AOL has partnered with McAfee Security, a leading provider of firewall software, to bring to AOL for Broadband users, at no additional charge, an easy to install personal firewall application. If you have elected to install the firewall protection and a hacker tries to access your computer, you will receive detailed reports and clear follow-up options. To find out more about McAfee Personal Firewall Express or to install the firewall, click the Safety button on the AOL Toolbar and then click the Antivirus tab.

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