How does the AOL Spam Filter work?

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How does the AOL Spam Filter work?

AOL's anti-spam tools suite consists of 3 controls.

You can configure anti-spam settings specific to your account by using the spam control options in your mailbox. You can set your spam settings to High, Low, or Medium, depending on the level of protection you need. The default setting is Medium, and we recommend this setting.

The actions that you perform in your mailbox with respect to spam mails condition the spam filters to perform optimally. Each account has a personal adaptive spam filter that identifies spam and good mail based on what you report as spam or not spam. As long as your Spam Filter is set to Low, Medium, or High, your filter will learn to identify the mails you like or dislike.

AOL spam controls filter emails for possible spam, even before the mail reaches your inbox or Spam Folder. This system is largely reputation-based, so, senders with good reputation will have their emails delivered (at which point, your personal filters will perform the extra filtering). Emails from senders with bad reputation are blocked. If our Global Filters decide to block an email, we return the message to the sender with a mailer-daemon error explaining why the email was returned. The Global Filter works the best when your Spam Filter is set to Medium or High.

Note: If you believe that you are receiving too much spam in your inbox, please consider increasing your Spam Filter configuration to a higher setting.

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