Can I view recent activity in my AOL Mail account?

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Can I view recent activity in my AOL Mail account?

Yes. Get a recent history of activity in your account by clicking Options in the upper-right corner and selecting Settings.

From the list on the left of the Settings page, click Recent Activity.

Recent Activity records the actions taken most recently in your AOL Mail account and lists the times and places you accessed it.

(Mobile devices and some other mail applications sign in repeatedly throughout the day (and night) to check for new mail. These "pings" are not recorded in Recent Activity.)

Recent Activity gives you a way to verify that only you have been using your account.

If you see a record of activity that suggests someone else accessed your account, here's what to do:

1. Move your pointer over the line of Recent Activity that seems unusual.

2. On the right end of the line, after the question "Was this you?", click No.

3. In the window that opens, click Secure your account now.

Nice work! A strong password, along with a strong Account Security Question, are the two strongest locks on your account.

Note: In certain circumstances, you won't see the Recent Activity selection in AOL Mail settings. For example, if you're using a public network at a library or coffee shop, or are on a large corporate network, AOL Mail keeps the Recent Activity feature hidden for your protection.

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