Update your AOL 9.0VR software to get the fastest, easiest and most up-to-date version of AOL 9.0VR. The things that you love about the AOL Desktop Software are still here, just better. And best of all, this update is free!

New enhancements include:

  • Important security updates.
  • Refreshed branding graphics.
  • Updated menu and toolbar links.
  • Latest Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and copyright information.
  • Revised offline help.


To install the AOL Desktop Software Update:

1. Close the AOL Desktop Software. Click Install Now on the Active Update window.


  • Please do not turn off your computer or disconnect from the internet while these updates are being installed, as this may result in an incomplete update. An incomplete update will not damage your computer but may prevent you from operating the AOL Desktop software at its optimum performance.
  • If you want to postpone the installation, click Remind Me Later or the X located in the top right-hand corner of the Active Update window. If you decide to postpone, the AOL Desktop software will prompt you again every 12 hours to install the update.

2. After clicking Install Now, you'll be urged to exit all other applications before continuing. Please save any ongoing work or emails, close the applications, and click OK

3. Review the AOL 9.0 VR Member Agreement, AOL Member Privacy Policy and the AOL Software End Users License, and then click I Agree.

3. When you reach the Welcome to AOL 9.0 VR! screen, you'll be presented with 2 options: New Members or Current Members. If you'd like to copy your existing mail and address book settings, click Current Members. If you'd like to install a fresh version of AOL without your existing mail or address book, click New Members

4. If you selected Current Members, select which version of the AOL Desktop software you'd like to upgrade and then click Next.

5. Click Install Now. Once the process completes, you'll have the new AOL 9.0 VR software! We’re sure that you’ll love it, but please let us know what you think.