Hello! There are many questions you may have regarding AOL Radio powered by Slacker. Below is a collection of frequently asked questions.


How do I access the AOL Radio web player?

You will access the web player from AOLRadio.com using any web browser.

Do I need to register for AOL Radio?

Yes. After you listen to 100 song tracks, you will need to register using an email address, create a password and enter your year of birth, gender and ZIP code. You will also be asked to agree to the Terms of Use as well as sign up for the AOL Radio newsletter.

NOTE: Registering allows us to remember your favorite stations, songs and custom stations. This information will not be shared with third parties and is used for ad targeting only.

How do I get the AOL Radio app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad?

If you already have the AOL Radio app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad installed, you will have to upgrade in order to keep listening to AOL Radio stations. You can do so through the iTunes app store on your computer or mobile device.

Is AOL Radio free?

Yes. AOL Radio is free; however, there are options to upgrade to one of our paid premium options, which allows you to listen to AOL Radio ad-free with unlimited skipping as well as on-demand listening.

Is a paid version of AOL Radio available?

Yes. Listeners will have the option to subscribe to one of two premium services:

  • Radio Plus - For $3.99, you will receive ad-free radio, unlimited song skipping and offline listening for your mobile device.
  • Premium Radio - For $9.99, you will receive all of the benefits of Radio Plus as well as the ability to create playlists, enjoy on demand listening, and save stations on your mobile phone so you can listen without an internet connection.

Is service available for dial-up users?

Unfortunately, because if the high quality and extensive functionality of AOL Radio powered by Slacker, the service will not work if you are on a dial-up connection.

Because we still want you to enjoy free internet radio, we suggest visiting SHOUTcast Radio, which features 45,000 stations from around the world.

How do I submit feedback?

You can use our feedback form to ask questions or send us comments.

What stations are available?

For a list of all current AOL Radio stations and corresponding genres please visit aolradioblog.

How do I set a station as a favorite?

To set a station as a favorite, click the Heart icon next to the station name at the top of the player. If the heart turns yellow, that station has been stored as a "Favorite Station" on the left menu of the player.

To remove a station as a favorite, unclick the Heart icon next to the station name when it is playing.

How do I set a song as a favorite?

If you hear a song that you like, click on the Heart icon in the Now Playing window to remember that song. Whenever you listen to a station that offers this song, the song will play more frequently.

Is there a blog I can follow?

Yes. For more information and updates about AOL Radio powered by Slacker, you can follow our blog at aolradioblog.

How can I sign up for the AOL Radio newsletter?

To be the first to receive updates on music, news and much more, sign up for the AOL Radio newsletter by visiting s.aolradio.com/join/signup.