The AOL Radio Player has user-friendly controls to provide you with a highly enjoyable listening experience. The huge player controls are located in the box at the top of the page next to the volume settings. The following are some of the radio player controls located on the main page of AOL Radio.


The heart icon is available for every station. When clicked, it indicates that the song currently palying is your favorite. To choose a station as your favorite, click the heart icon within the Station Information window. To access your Favorites list, simply press the Favorites button in the guide located to the left of the search box.


With our enhanced play/pause button, there's no reason why you should ever miss your favorite song or artist.

Skip a song

Stations allow you to skip songs you may not want t o listen to. You will know you can skip a song if the skip button is in the active state. If the button is inactive, you will not be able to skip the song. You are able to skip a song no more than six times per hour. Every time you skip a song, the number on the Skip Counter, which is located right below the skip icon, will decrease by one until it reaches zero.

In time, you may notice that the skip counter will begin counting back up to six.

Volume Adjustment

You can adjust the volume on your radio up, down or place on mute. Volume is saved between sessions, so when you restart the player, the volume will remain at the same level.


To make it easier for you to find your listening preferences, you can search AOL Radio by artist or song. To find a station you'd like to listen to, begin typing in a musical genre, artist or song into the main search box. Results will automatically display in the Station Guide, and will update as you type. To close your search, click the X to return to the main screen displaying what is currently playing.


You can share the music you're listening to across social media channels with the new share button. Let everyone know you're listening to a new artist, or a classic favorite. 


If you would like to ban a song or artist from your player setting, simply click on the stop icon located next to the heart. You will have the option to ban either the song or artist.