AOL Radio allows users to preset favorite stations by downloading the AOL Radio Toolbar. You can save an unlimited number of your favorite stations and with one click each station will automatically begin playing. The AOL Radio toolbar also allows you to have instant, one-click access to AOL Radio, no matter what website you are on.

To get the toolbar and preset your stations:

1. Go to AOL Radio.
2. Click Toolbar located at the top of the page.
3. In the new window that opens, click Download Toolbar Now at the bottom.
4. Follow the quick and easy downloading directions.
5. A Congratulations window will appear to inform you that your download is complete.
6. Click Continue to Button Gallery at the bottom of this window.
7. The Toolbar button Gallery opens in a new widow with a listing of radio listening categories. Place your mouse on the station of your choice and click the green + click to add icon.
8. Repeat step 7 as many times as you like to select your stations.

To add more stations:

If you want to add more stations to your preset list at a later time, click the red + add station icon on your toolbar.

To remove a station from your preset list:

1. Right-click the station in your toolbar.
2. Click Remove From Toolbar.


  • Presets are saved on a cookie and can be accessed only from the computer on which they were originally saved.
  • Deleting cookies on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the AOL Desktop Software will erase your presets on AOL Radio. If your presets keep disappearing, please make sure you have Enabled Cookies on your computer.
  • The new AOL Radio player has been revamped and the presets from your old player are no longer accessible.