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AOL Activity Reports is a Parental Controls feature that enables you to receive updates on your children's online activities. Any master AOL Username on an AOL account has the option of receiving AOL Activity Reports emails. AOL Activity Reports also provides an online report of each AOL Username's online activity. AOL Activity Reports can be applied to any AOL Username on your account that has a Kids Only, Young Teen or Mature Teen Parental Controls setting.




Information Your Children Will See

Once you enable the AOL Activity Reports for your child's Username, your child will receive an email notifying them that AOL Activity Reports has been activated for their Username. In addition to the email, your child will see an AOL Activity Reports indicator every time they sign on to the AOL Parental Controls with their Username. Your child will also be notified when the AOL Activity Reports are disabled for his or her Username.


Reports From Activity Reports

When you enable the AOL Activity Reports, you will receive an optional email summary, which details your child's online activity each time he or she uses a computer with AOL Parental Controls installed. The AOL Activity Reports email will contain:

  • The Top 5 websites your child successfully visited.
  • The Top 5 websites your child attempted to visit but was restricted.
  • The number of emails your child has sent.
  • The number of Instant Messages your child has sent.

Note: You will be sent an AOL Activity Reports email only if there is activity to report for the Username.

You can also receive detailed information about your child's online activities through AOL Activity Reports Online Report, accessible at AOL Keyword: Activity Report or at Online reports contain detailed information on a child's activities. These reports include:

  • The websites visited and number of visits.
  • The websites blocked and the number of attempts.
  • The Usernames emailed and instant messaged and how many times each Username was contacted.

This data is available for the last 14 days and is near real-time. There are also links to view the child's Address Book and Buddy List window.







Important: If you do not have the AOL Parental Controls software installed on your computer, AOL Parental Controls will report website activity only when your child is browsing the Internet while signed on to the AOL Software. If you have not already installed the AOL Software, please visit Discover AOL to do so. The AOL Parental Controls software is no longer available for download.


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