The AOL Parental Controls software was designed to help parents who have a high-speed internet connection or connect to the AOL software via another ISP's connection. When the AOL Parental Controls software is installed on your computer, your child will be able to surf the internet and visit age-appropriate websites based on his or her age group. The software enforces the AOL Parental Controls protections even when the child is not using the AOL software, keeping them protected when they use an external browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. All users must sign on to AOL Parental Controls before going online. Requiring password access to internet-related programs reduces the risk of children encountering potential threats or inappropriate websites while online.

IMPORTANT: AOL Parental Controls is enforced only when using the AOL Desktop Software. For these controls to be enforced, all users must sign on with an AOL screen name and password before accessing the Internet with the AOL Desktop Software. If you have not already installed the AOL Desktop Software, please visit AOL Discover.

How does the AOL Parental Controls software work?

If you have the AOL Parental Controls software installed on your computer, anyone who attempts to use an application that accesses the internet will be asked for their AOL Username and password so that we can determine if it is a parentally controlled AOL Username (Kids Only, Young Teen or Mature Teen) and apply the appropriate rules.

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