All screen names can view the contents of the Spam folder by default. This capability cannot be disabled for screen names in the General age category. However, you can disable access to the Spam folder for screen names in the Kid, Young Teen, or Mature Teen age category in your account.

To block a screen name from accessing the Spam folder

1. Go to, and then sign on using your master screen name and password.

2. In the User Name section, click the screen name for which you wish to block the Spam folder.

3. Next to Edit, click emails.

4. In the email Controls section, click the Edit email Settings button.

5. On the Spam Settings page, below the Spam Settings for drop-down menu, clear the check box next to Allow this user to view their Spam folder.

6. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

7. Click OK to close the Spam Controls window.

8. At the top of the AOL Parental Controls window, click Save. The selected screen name will not be able to view the Spam folder.

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