Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

Email (electronic mail) allows you to exchange messages, documents, photographs and other files with anyone else that has an email address, virtually anywhere in the world, instantaneously.




You've Got Mail

There are several ways how your AOL Desktop software can alert you when you have email waiting to be read.

  • The flag on the mailbox on the Welcome screen will be up.


  • On the AOL Toolbar, the flag on the Read mail icon will be up and the number of messages in your inbox will be displayed.


  • If your computer has a sound card, you will hear "You've got mail!" when you first sign on.

Reading email

You can use your AOL Desktop software to display and read your email. After you open a message, the message no longer appears in bold font on your message list. Only unread messages appear in bold.

How to read mail:

1. Sign on to the AOL Desktop software.

2. On the AOL Toolbar, click the Read icon.

3. Double-click the first email item to read it.

Note: If you are using the AOL 9.0 and the Quick Read panel is open, double-clicking a message will preview it. Once previewed, a message is marked as read. If previewing a message, double-click the message again to open it in a separate window.

AOL 9.0 Quick Read Panel

If you are using the AOL 9.0 Optimized software or higher and your screen resolution is 1024x768 or higher, the Quick Read panel is available for reading email. Double-clicking a message will cause it to preview in the Quick Read panel. Once previewed, a message is marked as read.

There are two buttons available on the Quick Read panel:

  • Full View: Clicking Full View will move the previewed email to a separate window.
  • Quick Reply: Clicking Quick Reply will allow you to type your response to the email directly in Quick Read panel and send a reply to the sender.

Responding to email

The following buttons are available for responding to email:

  • Reply: Clicking Reply will send a response only to the sender of the email.
  • Reply All: Clicking Reply All will send a response to the sender and everyone else who received the email. Anyone that received a BCC (blind carbon copy) of the original email will not be included in the reply email.
  • Forward: Clicking Forward will allow you to send the email to another email address.

Note: If you want to include all or part of the original email, highlight the section of text you want to include to select it, then click Reply, Reply All, or Forward. The section of text you selected will be copied to your reply automatically.



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