Looking for a convenient way to group up a bunch of your contacts so you can easily email them all at the same time? Just follow the instructions below:

1. Open your Address Book by going to AOL Keyword: Address Book.

2. On the left side of your Address Book, under Groups, select Groups.

3. Click Group Options and select Add Group. The Manage Group screen will display.

4. Create a name for your new group.

5. Under Contact List, select a contact and click Add to add them to the group. If you would like to remove a contact from the group, highlight the contact under Group and click Remove.

6. If you would like to add additional contacts to your new group and you know their email addresses, enter them in the Additional Contacts in Group field.

7. Once you're satisfied with your new group setup, click Save. Your new group will display under the Groups subheading on the left side of your Address Book.

8. To email the group, double-click the group name and an email will display, addressed to all of the contacts in the group.