You can manage your emails efficiently by setting up email preferences. You can specify the emails you want to save, edit the attachment-download location, create a Mail Away message, easily manage your Spam Controls, and more using email preferences!

How do I set email preferences?

1. Click the AOL Desktop v10.1 menu, and then click Preferences.

2. Click the Mail icon.

There are several options under the Mail icon. The options are explained below. Simply click the options that you wish to enable.

Save mail I send: Saves all the mails you send in the On My Mac folder.

Save mail I read: Saves all the mails you read in the On My Mac folder.

Use my Address Book to auto-suggest names when I compose mail: Automatically brings up name suggestions from your Address book as you start typing a name in the To box when composing an email.

When sending mail, automatically save new email addresses to my Address Book: Saves every new email address to your address book.

Quote entire message when replying: Inserts the original text (text written by the sender of the mail) when you're replying to any email.

Display confirmation when mail has been sent: Provides you with a confirmation once your mail has been sent.

Alert me when my mail away message is on: Notifies you whenever your mail away message is turned on.

When replying, start the new message: Allows you to specify the position of the original text (written by the sender of the mail) when you are replying to an email. Choose either the Above the original text option or the Below the original text option by clicking it.

Edit Mail Away Message: Lets you edit the mail away message. For more information about this feature, please visit the Online Help article Automatic email response on AOL Desktop for Mac.

Notify me before opening new mail with pictures: Notifies you every time you open an email that contains pictures.

Save attachments to: Allows you to choose the default location where your downloaded files and images will be saved. Click and open the drop-down menu next to Save attachments, click Other, choose a location, and then click Select.

Edit Spam Controls: Lets you edit your spam controls. For more information on this feature, please visit the Online Help article Spam controls on AOL Desktop for Mac.

Default Font: Allows you to customize your email by choosing a default font, font size, font type, and more.

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