We recommend that you regularly backup your AOL OnePoint so that if anything happens to your computer, you can re-install AOL OnePoint on a new computer and restore all your personal information in one step.

To create a backup:

1. Open AOL OnePoint.

2. Click the Options tab on your dashboard.

3. Click the Backup icon.

4. Select a location to save the backup file. A removable storage device, such as a USB or flash drive, is perfect. The backup file will be PIN protected so make sure to remember the PIN you are using at the time you create the backup.

To restore your AOL OnePoint:

1. Start AOL OnePoint by double-clicking on the OnePoint icon on your desktop.

2. Click the Options tab.

3. Click the Restore icon.

4. Enter the PIN you used to create the backup and your information will be restored into your AOL OnePoint on this computer.

Note: You can install your AOL OnePoint on up to five devices per AOL account. You may use this process to copy your AOL OnePoint data from one computer to another when you download AOL OnePoint to another PC.