Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

The AOL Browser Settings window allows you to tweak all settings related to your web browser within the AOL Desktop software. You can use this window to adjust graphics compression, clear your footprints, and adjust tab functionality. You can also access Internet Explorer settings, AOL Parental Controls, and AOL Pop-Up Controls.

To access the AOL Browser Settings window, visit AOL Keyword: Browser Settings. This keyword cannot be accessed with AOL Desktop v10.1.

For more information on the available settings, please select your version of AOL Desktop below. Not sure which version of AOL Desktop you're on? Read our How do I determine which version of the AOL Desktop I'm on? article.

AOL Desktop 9.7.3 (the latest version)

Select a setting or keyword below for more information.


Access your security settings through the Footprints, Cookies, Location, and Parental Controls keywords.


Access your Pop-Up settings through the Pop-Up keyword.


Access your Tab settings through the Tab, and Homepage keyword.


Access your Display settings through the Display.


Access your Media settings through the Image, and Graphic Compression keyword.


Access your Advanced settings through the TopSpeed, and Plugins keywords.

AOL Desktop 9.7.2 and earlier versions

Select a setting or keyword below for more information.

TopSpeed technology

The TopSpeed Web Acceleration technology is designed to enhance your web browsing experience.

TopSpeed is turned on by default. Currently, we do not offer the ability to disable TopSpeed manually. TopSpeed will automatically turn off when it is blocked by a firewall or there is insufficient cache space.

Web graphics compression

Web graphics compression affects the download time and quality of the graphics. You can select from the following three options below.

  • Compress graphics only when I don't have a high-speed connection. (Recommended): This is the default option. Compression will only take place when you're using a dial-up connection.
  • Always compress graphics: This will always compress graphics, causing web pages to load faster but with reduced image quality.
  • Never compress graphics: This will never compress graphics, causing web pages to load slowly on dial-up connections.

Checking the check box next to Turn on maximum graphics compression will cause the AOL Browser to compress images even further. This improves web page loading times but severely deteriorates the quality of images.

Related settings

The Related Settings section has the following options:

  • Internet Explorer settings: Launches the Internet Properties window that allows you to select additional settings.
  • Browser Tab Settings: Launches the Browser Tab Settings window that allows you to control how webpages appear while using tabbed browsing.
  • AOL Parental Controls: Lets you change the Parental Controls preferences on your account.
  • Pop-Up Controls: Helps you block unwanted pop-ups while using the AOL service.
  • Marketing Preferences: Allows you to select your marketing preferences.

Note: Some of these settings may require you to sign in with master AOL Username in order to make changes.

The Related Settings section also has the Remember Browser Windows check box. If this feature is enabled, the browser window will open all the websites that were open during your last session for the next time you open a browser in AOL Desktop.

Clear footprints

Click the Clear My Footprints tab to clear the browsing history, cookies, cache and more. For more information, please see Clear cookies, cache, and history using AOL 9.0 and higher.

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