The AOL Welcome Screen is one of the first screens that appear as soon as you sign in to your AOL Desktop software. You can personalize it so that it shows your name or nickname when it appears.

In addition to this, AOL offers four different Welcome Screens for you to choose from. Each Welcome Screen delivers a unique experience along with your staple links for email, top news, local news and weather. So, even if you change your Welcome Screen, you’ll always have the same menus available.

Available Welcome Screens


  • The AOL Experience: This is the default AOL Welcome Screen. It’s a one-stop shop for news, weather and all things AOL.
  • AOL Small Business: This is a convenient Welcome Screen for small business owners. It contains all of the latest business-related news.
  • AOL Black Voices: This Welcome Screen is customized for African-American news, viewpoints and communities. You can get the latest coverage of black news, black entertainment, black stars, black style and beauty, black relationships, politics, finance and more.
  • AOL Latino: This Welcome Screen follows the AOL Experience Welcome Screen, but in Spanish. It also contains Spanish-related news content.




  • Any changes you make apply only to the AOL Welcome Screen for the Username you were signed on with when you made these changes. You can have different AOL Welcome Screen settings for each Username on your account.
  • The first time you sign on to your AOL Desktop software, you will be automatically prompted to choose your Welcome Screen, after which time you can change it whenever you wish.


Personalize your Welcome Screen


1. Visit AOL Keyword: Change Welcome Screen. Click Go and the Change My Welcome Screen window will appear. Alternatively, you can click Change My Welcome Screen at the bottom of the Welcome Screen window.

Note: This keyword can be accessed only within the AOL Desktop software.

2. Choose a Welcome Screen option and type your name or nickname in the Personalize Your Welcome Screen box.

3. Click Save.

4. Click Close. Your customized Welcome Screen will now appear.

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