The Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) in the AOL software helps you store and organize your email on your computer. Your PFC can be viewed only from your AOL software. Also, your PFC folder cannot be accessed if you sign on as a guest from another computer or your own

Important: The number of days an email can stay in your mailbox depends on the type of mailbox that you are using and the folder in which the email is saved.

Save email to your Personal Filing Cabinet

Note: You must be signed on to the AOL service to save email in your Filing Cabinet. However, the email saved to your PFC will be available even if you're offline.

Save emails to your filing cabinet using the AOL Desktop software:

1. Sign on the AOL software with your screen name and password.

2. On the AOL toolbar, click the Read icon.

3. Double-click the email message that you want to save in order in order to open it.

4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the email window, select On My PC, and then click the folder you want to place the email into, for example, Incoming/Saved Mail.

5. Click the OK button.

Move email from one folder to another within your Filing Cabinet

If you discover that you've placed an email message in a wrong folder, or you would like to organize your folders better, you can move email messages and folders in your Filing Cabinet.

Move one or more email messages to another folder:

1. Open the folder that holds the message that you would like to move by clicking it.

2. Click the message that you want to move, and then drag the message to the folder that you want to move the message to.

Note: You can also move a folder around in your Filing Cabinet. Instead of clicking an individual email message, click the folder that you want to move, and then drag it to where you want it.

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