You can save and store your email messages on your computer using the AOL Desktop v10.1 software.

The Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC), also known as the On My PC folder, helps you store and organize your emails on your computer. Emails that you send will remain in your Sent folder for about seven days. You can organize the emails that you have read by saving them in either the On My PC folder or the On AOL folder.

Note: You must be signed on to the AOL service to be able to view and save email on your On AOL folder. However, emails saved in your On My PC folder will be available to you even if you are offline.

To save your emails using the AOL Desktop v10.1 software

1. Start the AOL Desktop v10.1 software.

2. On the AOL toolbar, click the Mail icon. If required, sign on with your AOL Username and password.

3. Go to the folder that has the email that you wish to save, and then click the email to highlight it.

4. Click the Save drop-down menu, select On My PC, and then click the folder in which you want to place the email.


  • You can move emails and folders within the Filing Cabinet to organize your emails better.
  • You can manage your mails by using either the unified Inbox folder or the New and Old mail folder. To learn more, please visit the online help article How do I switch to the unified Inbox Mail?

5. Close all windows.

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