To uninstall AOL OnePoint:

1. Click on Start (Windows XP) or the Windows flag (Windows Vista/7) in the lower, left corner of the computer screen.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click Add or Remove Software (Windows XP), or Programs and Features (Vista/Windows 7).

4. In the Programs list, find the AOL OnePoint software, highlight it, and click to Uninstall.

5. If you plan to re-install your AOL OnePoint, select Yes when you see the screen that says Save secure password file? If you don't plan to re-install your AOL OnePoint, click No.

6. An optional Uninstall Survey will open.

7. Restart your computer -- shutting down and restarting the computer finishes the removal process.

If you are having problems removing your software, chat with a support technician by visiting

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