Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing online? Thanks to AOL Activity Reports, you can monitor your kids' online activities. Every time your kids go online using the AOL service or an external browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, you automatically receive an email report that lets you know the following:

  • The websites that your child visited
  • The websites that your child was blocked from viewing
  • The emails that your child opened and sent
  • Any AOL Usernames that your child used or chatted with
  • The number of IMs that your child sent and received

Important: If you do not have the AOL Parental Controls software installed on your computer, AOL Parental Controls will report activity only when your child is browsing the internet while signed on to the AOL software. If you have not already installed the AOL software, please visit Discover AOL to do so. The AOL Parental Controls software is no longer available for download.

How to

View AOL Activity Reports

1. Sign on to the AOL software using your master Username and password.

2. Go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls or

3. In the Child's Activity Report section, click the View button.

Manage AOL Activity Report

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls or

2. In the User Name section, click the desired Username.

3. In the Edit section, click the Activity Reports link.

4. In the Activity Reports section, click the ON option.

5. Select the check box next to email me reports on these days.

6. Click the email me reports on these days drop-down menu, and then select the appropriate option from the list.

7. Click Save, and then click OK to confirm your changes.

Note: You will receive an AOL Activity email only if there is any activity to report for the selected Username. AOL Activity Report is a Parental Controls feature that enables you to receive updates on your kids' online activities. Any master or adult Username on an AOL sub-account can receive the AOL Activity Report email and/or access the AOL Activity Report online.


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