Certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for AOL OnePoint. To view what your AOL Advantage Plan has to offer, check out your personalized AOL MyBenefits page at mybenefits.aol.com.

To install AOL OnePoint:

1. Log in to mybenefits.aol.com.

2. Under your benefits, find AOL OnePoint and click Download Now.

3. Click the Download Now button to start your AOL OnePoint installation.

4. Click the Run button to automatically start the AOL OnePoint download and install process.

5. While downloading AOL OnePoint, Windows XP will display a download progress status dialog.

6. Click the Run button when prompted by Internet Explorer to allow AOL OnePoint to install.

7. Click the I Agree button to accept the AOL OnePoint End User License Agreement.

8. Click the Install button to start the process of installing AOL OnePoint program files to your computer.

9. Continue to follow the installer's onscreen instructions. When prompted, create your "secret" AOL OnePoint security PIN. To securely create one-click access to a financial or other account, click the Add Financial Account or Add Other Account link and follow the instructions provided.