Your screen name identifies you on the AOL® service and serves as your e-mail address. A screen name is your online identity by which you are known to everyone who uses the Screen Name Service, AOL® Instant Messenger® service, AOL®, CS2000®, and other services.


Create, Delete or Restore a Screen Name

You can add up to six screen names to your account at no extra charge. This is in addition to your primary master screen name. Your primary master screen name is the first screen name you create when you register as an AOL member.

All screen names, except the primary master screen name can be deleted. A deleted screen name can be restored no later than 6 months after it has been deleted.

Go to AOL® keyword: Screen Names or, sign in with your master screen name, and answer your Account Security Question. Under the Manage Screen Names section you can create, delete and restore a screen name. For more information, refer to our help article Usernames.

Switch Screen Names

When you are online using the AOL Desktop for Mac, you don't have to sign off to switch from one screen name to another.

To switch screen names:

Click the AOL Desktop menu, select Switch Screen Name, then click the screen name you wish to sign on to.

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