The Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) on the AOL® software helps you to store and organize your email. If you have multiple copies of your PFC either on the same computer or on different computers, you can still merge the PFC files.

Note: Ensure that both the copies of the PFC are on the same computer. In case, one of the PFC files is on another computer, you can either send it as an email attachment and download it onto your computer or copy it onto a removable storage device like a flash drive or a CD/DVD, and then go to Step 7 for instructions to merge the PFC files.

To merge the PFC files

Note: You will need to know the version of the AOL software installed on your computer and the version of AOL® Connectivity Service (ACS) that your AOL software uses to connect to the Internet. You can find this information by following the instructions given in the online help articles mentioned below:

1. Close the AOL software if it is open.

2. Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type sinf, and then click OK. If prompted by a caution window, click OK. The AOL System Information 2.0 or AOL System Information window appears.

Note: If you are unable to open AOL® System Information, go to our online help article Open Data Folder to find out how to manually open the Data Folder. Click the Back to previous page button of that online help article to return to this article, and then continue from Step 4.

3. Open Data folder.

  • If you are using AOL Connectivity Services (ACS) 4 or ACS 3, click the AOL Software or AOL tab, and then click Open Data Folder.
  • If you are using ACS 2, click the WAOL tab, and then click Data Folder.
  • If you are using ACS 1, click Data Folder.

4. Double-click the organize folder.

5. Right-click the appropriate Username that has no extension after it, and then click Copy.

6. Navigate to the Desktop, right-click on the Desktop, and then click Paste. Next, rename the file as "[username].pfc" where "username" is your Username.

7. Start the AOL software as you normally would, but do not sign on to it.

8. Click the File menu, and then click Open.

9. Locate the "[username].pfc" file that you would like to merge, and then click Open.

10. Open the filing cabinet by clicking the File menu, and then Mail Saved on My PC (Filing Cabinet).

11. Create a new folder by clicking Setup Folders, and then Create Folder.

12. In the Name New Folder or Folder Name box, enter the name of the new folder, and then click Save or OK.

13. Drag the emails from the old PFC to the folder that has just been created.

Note: Ensure that the emails are dropped onto the new folder icon and not the window.

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