You may receive the message, "We could not attach your file because the total size of your message will be greater than 25 MB.Error ML0013" if you are trying to send too large of an attachment using the AOL software.


Reduce the number of attachments

The largest size of an email that you can send or accept from the Internet is 25 megabytes (MB). This includes the text message, headers and the attachment combined. If you are sending more than one file, and the files exceed 25 MB, you will need to either compress the file or split it into smaller parts.

To reduce the number of attachments in AOL Desktop
1. In the Mail - Compose window, next to Attached section, click an attached file, and then click Remove from the drop-down menu.
2. Repeat Step 1 for each file you wish to detach.

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Reduce the number of embedded images

You can also receive this message if the size of the images you have embedded into your email exceeds 25 MB.

To reduce the number of embedded images
1. In the Mail - Compose window next to the Attached section, right click an image you wish to remove from the email, then click Delete.
2. Repeat the last step for each image you wish to remove.

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Send files through AIM software

If the file is too large to send by email, you can exchange files with your buddies through the AIM software. Both you and your buddy must be online to exchange files.

To send files through AIM software
1. First send an IM to your buddy.
2. On the IM window, click the Send Files drop-down menu, and then select Send File.
3. Then navigate to the file you wish to send.
4. Click the Open button. Once your buddy accepts the transfer, the file will be sent.

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