Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) on the AOL Desktop Software is a filing system that helps store and organize your email on to your computer's hard drive so you can read your emails even when you're offline. Features include the ability to create custom folders in your PFC to easily identify email and a search bar to help you find saved emails when you cannot recall the subject of the email or who sent it. Each Username has its own PFC file in the Organize folder. Your PFC can be viewed only from your AOL Desktop Software. Also, your PFC folder cannot be accessed if you sign in as a guest from another computer or on your own computer.

If you are using AOL Desktop you can save your emails on the AOL servers. There, you can store an unlimited number of emails and attachments, and never have to worry about them getting lost because they are stored on the AOL servers, not your computer's hard drive. You can access these emails even if you are signing in from another computer or as a guest from your own computer. You can also access these emails if you are using AOL Mail.

IMPORTANT: The number of days an email can stay in your mailbox depends on the type of mailbox you are using and the folder in which the email is saved. Emails saved on your computer can be found in the Saved on My PC

Note: Email folders on the Saved on My PC folder cannot be sorted in any particular order. If you would like your email folders organized, please create folders under Saved on AOL, and access your emails through AOL Mail.

Below is a list of frequent PFC topics: