To run Quick Restore

1. Click Start, click All Programs or Programs, select AOL or America Online, and then click AOL System Information.

2. Click the Utilities tab.

3. Click Quick Restore.

4. Click Proceed.

5. Click OK.

6. Close the AOL System Information window by clicking X on the upper right.

7. Sign on to the AOL software. You may be prompted to select the AOL software as your default Web application.


  • If the Screen Name box shows Existing Member, click Sign On. You will be prompted to enter your screen name and password. The next time you sign on, all the screen names on the account will appear on the Sign on screen.
  • If you do not see the Password box, click the Screen Name drop-down menu to open it, and then select another screen name from the list. Once you have selected a different screen name, the Password box should reappear. You can then select any screen name from the drop-down menu to sign on.

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