If you are using the AOL Desktop Software over a highspeed connection, you can also sign on to the AOL service through an AOL-provided dial-up access phone number. You can also still connect to the AOL service using dial-up access if you cannot connect to your alternate ISP for any reason. Depending on your price plan and the total amount of dial-up connection time each month, additional charges may apply.

Warning: You will incur charges on your phone bill if you select an AOL access number that is a long distance call or not covered by your local calling plan. Please check with your local phone company to determine whether the access numbers you select are local for your plan. Remember that members on certain plans may be charged an hourly rate for dial-up connections. See AOL Keyword: My Account for your price details.

Set up a Dial-Up Connection

If you wish to connect to the AOL service through a dial-up connection when you cannot connect to your alternate Internet provider, ensure your computer has a dial-up modem and the modem is connected to a live phone jack, then follow these instructions.

To set up a dial-up location using AOL Desktop Software:
1. On the Windows taskbar next to the clock, click the AOL icon, select Connectivity, then click Connect Options....
2. Click the Create Dial-Up Location link.
3. Choose the Dial-Up option by clicking it, then click the Next click here button.
4. Type a name for the new location in the Dial-Up Location Name: box.
5. In the first box next to Area code and first 3 digits of the phone number you will be dialing from:, type your area code, then type the first 3 digits of your phone number in the second box.
6. Choose the dialing options that apply to you by clicking the Yes or No option, then click the Next click here button.

Note: If AOL Best Connect is available it is recommended that you opt in to this feature to manage your phone numbers and provide you optimal connectivity. If you wish to use this feature, choose the Yes, use AOL Best Connect™ to manage my access phone numbers for me option by clicking it. By choosing Best Connect, the AOL service will select and manage the best available access phone numbers for the area code you specified.

7. Click the box next to any access phone numbers you wish to use to place a check mark in it, then click the Next click here button.

Note: If you have selected only one access phone number, a message will come up recommending you select more. Click the Next button again to continue.

8. Click the Confirm and Close button.
9. Click the Close button.