The AOL software automatically stores email that appears to be junk or "spam" in your Spam Folder. Your mail and spam controls setting determines how the spam filter decides which emails are spam.

It is very important that you report spam to AOL by clicking the Report Spam button and remove email that you wanted from the Spam folder periodically by clicking the This is Not Spam button. Your personal spam filter is tuned by these actions, and as you use the buttons, your personal spam filter becomes more accurate.

You should check your Spam folder frequently to ensure that the spam filtering system is properly classifying email as spam. Occasionally, email that is not spam will be sent to your Spam folder if it does not meet your criteria for acceptable email, for example, bank notices, membership newsletters, and email from new friends.

Note: Users of AOL software 6.0-8.0 and above, click Mail on the AOL toolbar, click Mail Center, and then click Check your Spam Folder.

How to

View your Spam folder

You can view your Spam folder by clicking the Mail menu on the AOL toolbar, and then clicking Spam Folder. Your Spam folder will open and display the list of emails designated as spam.

The Spam folder uses special icons to indicate each message's type, for example, email from bulk senders or email from people you don't know, and also displays the date the email was received, the sender's email address, and the email's subject line.

If you see a piece of email that is not spam, click the email, and then click This is Not Spam. The message will be automatically moved to your New or Inbox folder. You should then add that email address to your address book or your Custom Sender List (if you have one set up), so that future emails from this sender will not be sent to your Spam folder.

Once you verify that email in your Spam folder is actually junk email, you can delete it. It is a good idea to delete your unwanted email periodically.

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Edit Spam notification

Currently, you can choose to be notified when you have messages in your Spam folder. This notification will not be available after some time. This does not mean that we have stopped identifying spam and keeping it out of your Inbox. We will continue to provide you with advanced protection against spam. However, you can still identify if your spam folder has new messages by looking at the number in bold displayed next to the Spam folder.

Currently, to edit the spam notification settings

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Spam Notification.

Note: This keyword can be accessed only within the AOL software. However, the Keyword feature is not available in AOL Desktop v10.1.

2. Under Choose when you want to be notified that there are messages in your Spam Folder, click one of the options, and then click Save.

The following options are available:

  • Remind me once each time I sign on: If this option is selected and there are messages in your Spam folder, you will be notified every time you sign on to the AOL service.
  • Remind me at most once every three days: If this option is selected and there are messages in your Spam folder, you will be notified once every three days.
  • Don't remind me again: If this option is selected and there are messages in your Spam folder, you will not be notified.

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Delete messages from your Spam folder

You can delete an individual message by clicking the email you want to delete, and then clicking Delete. You can also delete multiple messages by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, clicking each email you want to delete, and then clicking Delete.

Note: Deleting messages from your Spam folder permanently deletes them from the AOL Mail servers.

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